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The Church of the Nazarene has three denominational core values: (1) We are Christian, (2) We are holiness, and (3) We are missional. Yet, we as a church have identified seven cultural cornerstones in addition to our denominational core values that we believe must characterize our ministry if we are going to become the church God desires. 

Prayerful Dependence

The significance of the mission is too great to be realized in our own strength and power. We utilize the dynamic resource of prayer that God makes available to us

Active Faith

The Christian life is not a matter of what we say, but is evidenced by what we do. We use our unique gifts to engage in the lives of others and our surrounding community with care compassion.

Hopeful Atmosphere

Hope looks to the future with anticipation and optimism believing the best is yet to come. We create a joy-filled climate where people can experience spiritual breakthroughs.

Intentional Purpose

Life is too important to be consumed by the trivial, the frivolous, or time-honored methods that have become antiquated. We make sure everything we do has a God-honoring "why" behind it. 

Authentic Relationships

Life Change is best realized within the context of encouraging, supportive relationships where no one stands alone. We are dedicated to building an environment of grace, acceptance, and safety.

Collaborative Spirit

The foundational importance of divine wisdom is realized in settings where the collective good is sought and "we" trumps "me". We are wiser and smarter together than any one of us is individually. 

Transformative Growth

It is the nature of all living things to grow...including our relationship with God. We are committed to healthy spiritual practices that result in ongoing transformation into Christlikeness. 


To download a pdf, click here. 

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